mike and meganAs you can see, Michael is really an amazing husband. When I think over our time together, the phrase “We are so blessed.” just keeps coming to mind. It is something that we have said often and really, it sums up how I feel. Here are 10 reasons why I love being married to Michael (in no particular order):

1. Mike is crazy-smart! Anyone who knows him, knows that he knows a lot about a lot of different things. As for the things he doesn’t, he can usually figure it out. Way to go you MEs out there (mechanical engineers for all of you non-geek types.)

2. He is a really good daddy. The girls light up when he gets home. (As do I, we all love to be around him!)

3. He is considerate. He will laugh at this and say he isn’t, but the fact that he worries about being thoughtful shows that he is. Sometimes I will come home from being out somewhere and find him hanging out with the girls after having done the dishes or picked up around (or both!) It’s great he sees a place where he can help out and he does it.

4. He is really funny. He makes me laugh all the time. Whenever we get to spend time together, especially alone, it is just so much fun because he is always cracking jokes.

5. He really takes care of our family. Whether it is the big stuff or the little details, he is always thinking about what is best for us.


Mike and Emily7. He appreciates me. This one sounds a little selfish, but it means a lot to me. He thanks me for dinner almost every night (That’s a lot of thank yous in 10 years.) He is always telling me that I spoil him and I love it.

8. He spoils me. It’s true. He does so many cute things for me. (And you should check out the beautiful ring he gave me!) Really, it is just a habit with him. He loves to do sweet things for me…spoiled!

9. He is a planner. I am a planner too, so I really enjoy thinking about our future together. What often surprises me though, is how well he thinks things out. We have a great looking future–and that is primarily because he has carefully planned for it.

10. He has integrity. Mike stands tall for what he believes in and doesn’t compromise what he knows to be true. He is pretty quiet, but He is completely aware of himself and sure in his actions and beliefs. I am not really expressing this well, but it is a trait that I really admire in him.

I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!