Thanks for the tag, Tara. Sorry that it took me so long.

1. Affectionate gestures from either of the girls.

2. Sometimes Mike and I have these great talks–often in the car or late at night in bed. It feels so great when we really click and talk and really want to hear what the other one thinks. (Which life isn’t always conducive to.)

3. Finishing any project; whether it be art, organizing, weeding, or canning. I love that moment when I get to stand back and look at what I have accomplished.

4. Having a clean and/or organized house (sigh).

5. Hanging out with my sis, she is so cool. I have always really looked up to her; we just have so much fun together …and honestly, I just feel a little cooler myself when I am with her. 🙂

6. Good smells: freshly mowed glass, ocean (but not by ANY wharf), cooking, oxygen and acetylene, bleach…but my most favorite: early in the morning, when you can smell the season. (Yeah, I know it sounds crazy; but haven’t you ever walked outside and it just smelled like fall?)

7. Painting, especially mixing color. (You know what I am talking about Juli!)

8. Running to good music.

9. House stuff. If you know me, you know I am little obsessed with anything having to do with home stuff-from architecture to decoration. I especially love anything kitchen related–ask my Mom, even when I was a little girl, I loved kitchens and bathrooms.

10. Finally, watching my girls sleep. I love checking in on them and night and seeing their beautiful little angelic faces. It just makes me feel so happy. I think Heavenly Father gives us those peaceful moments as both a reward and a sort of renewal for those hectic days!

Thanks again, Tara. This has been fun to think about. I tag Michael (hehe, just do it, honey. It will be fun.) Pamela, Amy, MaryAnn, Kerrah, Kristine, Michelle and DeeDee.