April Fools

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April fool’s day is coming up. I think this is one of those great holidays that gives you the chance to do something fun with your kids without the pressure that comes with bigger holidays. So what to do? There are classic pranks like sewing the legs closed on a victim’s underware, you can also quickly stitch several together so that they get a magic act effect when they try to pull a pair out of the drawer. You can put Seran wrap over the bowl of your toilet-it’s a classic, but it gets results. Also classic, exchange sugar for salt (and vice versa depending on the meal.) Check out Family Fun’s site for a whole bunch of great ideas. Including a mom who actually moved her kids into different beds while they slept.

Possibly the most fun you can have, though is by playing with your kid’s food. If you want to go all out you can buy rolled fondant at a craft store and sculpt all sorts of items to hide on their dinner plate. (It has a gum-like texture and hardly any flavor–biting into it is a prank in itself.) It is a good idea to make just one or two trick foods if you want to keep them off guard. You can also swap ingredients to surprise their taste buds. Here are some other fun recipes from allrecipes.com: (Their names pretty much say it all!)

hot dog cookies
kitty litter cake
dirt cake
ice cream baked potatoes
April fools berry soda

Have some foolish fun on Sunday!

It’s all in your outlook

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Wow, things have been crazy lately. My Dad had a stroke a couple of weeks ago (and while it certainly isn’t about me, it just makes things that much more complicated. He is in a hospital adad and girlsn hour away and you know how it is…) The girls are sleeping so poorly right now, so I am a zombie and it seems to be all I can do just to get the basics taken care of. Enough complaining-on to the point:

I am feeling pretty crummy and it is a busy time; it feels depressingly easy to fall into “survival mode.” I find myself thinking If I can just get through today…. but what am I waiting for? This is what life is. Being a mom means that you don’t get a break on the weekend. So how do you deal when your feeling drained and a little blue about it all?

This may seem counterintuitive; but I think that the answer lies in putting others first. Don’t get me wrong, every mom deserves-no needs-“me time.” But for me when I am ready to throw myself a pity party, the quickest way to pull out of it is by looking for for opportunities to serve others. I meg in hatthink it helps to put things in perspective. Plus, when I call a friend to commiserate, it always cheers me up. It usually doesn’t take too long to realize that this time will pass and in a few years I won’t remember the sleepless nights so much as how cute it is that Megan runs to see the “fire fruck” go by.

8 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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1. Make green eggs (just add a few drops of food coloring to your scrambled eggs) and shamrock cakes (pancakes tinted green and made with 3 or 4 small circles together, use a spoon to pull a little batter down for a stem.) for dinner.

2. Have your own treasure hunt ending with a rainbow and pot of gold (or other treasure.)

3. Dress in green, white, and orange to display the colors of Ireland’s flag. (orange for the people of the North, green for the people of the South and white for the peace that brings them together.

4. Make a shamrock pin out of fun foam and beads or sequins.

5. See how many green items of clothing you can find to wear. We loved to be green from head to toe. (Of course we also liked to have something green hidden so that we could pinch friends 10 times back.)

6. Be a Leprechaun and make shamrock sugar cookies and drop them off to friends. Ring the doorbell and run so that you are not caught!

7. Try some authentic Irish cuisine like soda bread or corned beef and cabbage.

8. Surprise the kids by covering the windows with green cellophane to give the room and emerald isle tint.

St. Patrick’s day is always a favorite at my house, it is just a lot of fun. Hope you guys have a good one too!

Deja Vu


Well, here I am again, on a Thursday night–wondering where the week went. I think the thing that is most frustrating to me is all of the great ideas swimming around in my head that I know I am never going to have time to bring to reality. Because it’s all I can do just to do the general “stuff” of the day.

The girls are sick again… nothing big, just runny noses and a little grumpy-ness. However, it eats up the day just to keep them reasonably happy. Meanwhile, there is a load of laundry that has been in the dryer since Monday. Michael got me Maytag Neptunes for our anniversary. Our old ones have been dying for a while and we found these for a great deal. (I am not even going to mention that I have wanted them for about 7 years. I have a slightly demented love of all things house-related–much like normal women love shoes.) I was so excited that I gathered together the first load and lovingly watched it spin in the washer for about 5 minutes. Megan loved it she kept saying “Clothes turning!” The excitement didn’t carry through long enough to get me to fold it though. And sadly, they have turned against me. Mike keeps saying “You know you can see the clothes in the dryer.” Yeah, you can see the dishes in the sink too, but that doesn’t move them into the dishwasher faster. Well…that ‘s life. Maybe I will get something done tomorrow. But judging by how often this has happened lately, probably not.