Mom Project: Artwork line

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full line

Fill up a blank wall with your children’s art! This is easy, cheap, and versatile…what more could you ask for?


Thumbtacks (I used aluminum ones.)

Heavy gauge wire (I used 18 gauge, which you can get at home improvement store.)

Needle nose pliers

Clothespins (I got mini ones at a craft store.)

Artwork and pictures



1. Put the pins in (as far apart as you want your line to be long.)

2. Curl the end of the wire with the needle nose pliers. (Do this by clamping the end of the wire and twisting the pliers around.) couch shot

3. Make a small loop around the push pin and then run the wire about a foot longer than the length to the next pin. Make intermittent curls and twists, as well as a loop for the other pin and a curled end on the other side.

4. Use the clothes pins to pin the art and pictures to the line.

Taking a sick day

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We all have one those excellent spring colds. The benefit is that it makes you look forward to summer even more and being out of the “cold season” for a few blissful months. The downside is that it is miserable. As the mom I get to have extra fun, feeling crummy myself and taking care of my grumpy, uncomfortable family. So here’s the question: Do moms get sick days?

Essentially I did. Yesterday, we all laid around all day. Michael was great about trading off with me, so one of us could take a nap and the other would keep the girls busy.  Today I laid on the floor and watched the girls play for a good chunk of the morning. I guess that will have to do. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will feel good enough to post something useful (and clean my sad, sad house.)

Happy Easter!

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girlsWe had a great Easter celebration. Of course, I was really excited to see the girls in their cute Easter dresses. (I am a sucker for the girly stuff!) In the morning we gave Megan a couple of new books and talked about why we celebrate Easter. Since this is the first year we have really done the holidays with the girls we were a little perplexed at how to explain that Jesus’ cucifixion and atonement are the reason for the holiday even though what we mostly see is the Easter Bunny. We decided to tell Megan that Jesus gave us the best gift ever, but He wanted us to have even more gifts and that is why Santa and the Easter Bunny come to visit us. I don’t know if it is the best solution, but it’s what we came up with.

After church, we went to the Jensen’s for an egg hunt, etc. It was so much fun to watch the kids scramble to find their treasure laden eggs. We have 19 nieces and nephews, so it is exciting.all the kids We actually divided the kids into 2 groups so that the older kids (5-12) could have a more challenging hunt. We have sandwiches and such for dinner and managed to wrangle all those little bodies for a picture. (Grandpa rewarded all of the kids with a cool new golden dollar coin.) Then we moved on to our newest tradition. We had an Egg drop, where we dropped carefully packed (raw) eggs from Grandma Verna’s second story deck. All of the kids were invited to compete and there were some interesting ideas. A few were packed in marshmallows, I liked the one that was encased in jell-o, most were put into ziplock bags. The winner (Grandpa) used a small box filled with packing peanuts and a layer of bubble wrap. We hazen dropping eggdecided to require everyone to use a quart size (or smaller) ziplock bag. Also helpful was the idea my nephew had to put his egg into a baggie, then pack it. We dropped them all from the deck, then progressed through harder and harder drops until the last one cracked (Hazen slammed it down from Grandma’s roof.) (That way it is not too messy when it breaks.) My niece, Bridgette was the runner up, (it took a few drops to crack her’s) she covered it in playdough and then packed it in grass. I highly recommend it for a great Easter activity. All of the kids loved it, even if they were too young to design their own case.

Spring blossom painting

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tree 1I love spring, when all of the trees don lacy petticoats and sway in the breeze. This is a great activity to do after a walk or trip to the park, when you are inspired by the spring foliage.

Fairly quick

Ages: 2 + (Older kids will produce great paintings, younger will love just exploring the paint with their straw.)



Tempra or Acrylic paint


Paint well or paper plate

Wipes (Good idea to contain messes)


1. We did this on the floor so that Megan could get over her painting easier. The table works fine too. If you are using tempra, just drip a little puddle on the bottom of the page. If you are using acrylic, you will want to thin it a little. I put some in a baggie and added a few drops of water; then squished to mix it. (Keep adding until it is about the consistency of milk.)tree 2

2. Put your straw close to the puddle at the bottom and gently blow, directing it upward to create your tree trunk. The paint will naturally want to branch off. Just have fun with it.

3. Squirt a little paint into a paint well or paper plate (soft pastels will look realistic, but feel free to be a little more wild with it.) You don’t want it to be too deep, so spread it out a little. Then dip your finger tips in and press them onto the paper to make blossoms on the tree.

4. Experiment with doing different types of trees or up-close views of branches.