wow tara!


My cute photographer friend, Tara took this pic for a class and I loved it so much I had to share. Check out some of the other cool ones she took and vote while you’re there. You rock, Tara!


do you still have eggshells?

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Oh boy, I really dropped the ball on the egg shell mosaics. If anyone is holding onto their egg shells, I will post the project. however if you all gave up on my sorry self, then I will move on. If you want the project, leave me a comment. 😀

brats (oh, baby)


It may not be lady-like, but I really love Brats. Of course, Michael is always thrilled when we have them for dinner. As far as I am concerned, there is really only one way to make them. This is it:



bratwurst (Don’t be scared, they won’t bite you. They’re usually in the meat department. I recommend Hillshire Farms Stadium Brats.)


onions, chopped

1 T. butter




salad (You fix it how you like it.)

we did tots (alphabet tots–the girls loved them!) I would probably make wedges like these if I wasn’t pleasing the tinies.


1. Get your potatoes in the oven.

2. Melt butter in a medium skillet. Chop onions (or, if you are a cheater like me, dump the bag of frozen chopped onions in a skillet.)

3. Light the grill. When warm, slap those babies on. (I eat one, Michael, two.) Turn heat down to low. Keep an eye on these, you’ll want to turn them every few minutes and cook them about 7-9 minutes total.

4. Set out salad and condiments.

5. Spread mayo on the bun and add mustard. Nestle the brat in there and top with onions and a little kraut. You are going to love it.

*I know that sauerkraut sounds a little gross and wrong. But it is the necessary zing for the savory goodness of the brat. It took a little while for me to try it, but once I did, it really worked. Just try it!!! TRY IT!!! That is all.


watching sibs work hard in las vegas


We all headed down to Las Vegas 3 weeks ago (how can that be???) to see Pamela and Nathan do the Showdown at Sunset Triathlon and Brent play UNLV (that’s right, single-handedly… okay the rest of the BYU team played too.) We left at 4:45 am on Sat. morning and left on Sunday morning; so it was hardly that we spent the weekend in Las Vegas. However we did pack a lot of fun into that Saturday. Here are some highlights:


Brent working the field



Grandma Lu keeping the kids happy–she’s awesome!


My own little Fancy Nancy


Don’t ask me to pick out Pamela or Nathan



Nathan heading out of the staging area


Riding into the staging area


…and running out again


Nathan heading to the finish


Pamela crossing the finish

Just had to share, we are proud of our hard core siblings! You guys ROCK!

megan scissor-hands


We had quite a day yesterday. I don’t really need to moan about all of the details. But it certainly is worth mentioning the highlight; which was Megan’s creative rampage project.

So, I am folding laundry (I think that is pretty responsible) and the girls are happily playing upstairs (oh how sweet). After a few minutes, Megan comes to show me her pony. She has trimmed up her hair. (Okay, less sweet.) A brisk scolding a time out later, I head upstairs to clean up the mess. This is what I find:

First I notice the bed, well, I guess that’s okay.


…and there’s the horse hair.


But wait, what the!!!!


Oh man! Run to check Emily’s hair:


Well, I guess it could have been a lot worse. Good thing Emily’s hair was in a braid. I should have gotten a picture of the end of her braid, half neatly snipped off just under the elastic.

What makes this all so great is the fact that Megan was just lecturing my Father about proper use of scissors the day before. I guess she wasn’t completely solid on the “We only cut paper.” rule she recited to him. Life is great. Just keep smiling.

easter fun


We had a ton of fun:



Of course, Emily had already been up for 2 hours by the time Megan got up.

So she had plenty of time to don her kitty costume. hehe.


Before church, we snapped a few pictures. Pretty cute girls, huh? They both loved their dresses! Megan felt like such a princess, she hummed and did princess poses all morning.


A little egg hunting with the cousins.

We had a good time. Hope you guys had a great Easter too.

keep your eggshells


When you start eating all of those pretty colored eggs this weekend, save the shell fragments. (I am so making deviled eggs.) On Monday, I will post a project for you to use them with, eggshell mosaics. Have a happy Easter!


my mom’s big 60th weekend bash


We have been so crazy doing fun things lately! We spent the last 2 weekends in Vegas. I am going to start with last weekend–My Mom’s 60th Birthday party. My big sis hosted my Mom’s sisters, my Grandma, and cousin Nic, for a weekend of girly fun. The best part was that it was all a suprise party. Mike stayed home as Mr. Mom (He is the best honey ever!) while I enjoyed sleeping through the night and playing with the girls.


The Birthday Princess


Lunch at Brio

lv15 lv16

Our amazing flowers (Pamela and I both went nuts over these.)


My Aunt Lesa always pulls off the show stoppers. We asked the gals to bring an”age appropriate” gift. She said that my Mom could still be spicy at sixty. Needless to say, we all pretty much died with laughter!


My Aunt Marva brought this little devil. Appearantly, he makes the rounds among family and friends. (…and he really creeps my Mom out.) He made appearances in her bed and my Grandma’s bed later as they were going to sleep. HILARIOUS! They both reacted with drama and gusto! I love it! (I just don’t want it around my house.)

For some reason, I failed to take any pictures of our relaxed selves after our spa day. My Mom and her sisters are so colorful and funny! We had a blast. Thanks you fun girls! Happy birthday, Mom! Love you!

painted easter eggs


We all know that the fun of dying in eggs is often over too quickly (unless you boil more eggs than a small army can eat.)  If you add painting to the tradition, the fun can last longer and you get a variety of artistic results.



hard boiled eggs

egg dye (whatever method you traditionally use)

watercolor or acrylic paints

small paintbrushes



1.  Dye eggs as you normally would and set out to dry. I like the look of mixing colors, dipping ends in to create stripes.

2. Paint designs onto the eggs. The girls loved using some glittery acrylic to absolutely coat  their eggs. If you have older artists, they can do something a little more representative.

3. Have fun, in art there are no rules!