days of ’47 youth float


aka: What I have been doing for the last few months.

In January, I received the call to chair the committee for our Stake’s float and it has been fun to learn about how these things are made. (Here’s a hint-think out of the box–as in scrape, scrounge, and hack it together.) It has been a ton of work, but also a lot of fun. The very best parts: the cute kids wiggly and giggly in their costumes, excited to be in a parade as well as working with awesome women that I have come to LOVE–a ton! Here are some pics of the finished product.

My little WWII nurses. We had the kids in each ward dress up from the different eras represented on our genealogy tree.

My girls! We have spent a lot of hot sweaty hours together.

Phew, nothing like seeing the end of a big project! 😀

meg’s wonderful surprise


I know, it has been forever, right? I am jumping back into blogging now that I am done with my giant float project (more on that to come). Earlier this week, Megan received a package and it has had her smiling ever since. My dear friend Terrie (aka: the fairy doll mother to my girls, aaka All Dolled Up Doll Clothes) connected me with a very sweet and generous doll collector, Barb, who was looking for a little girl to love her Josephina American Girl Doll. When a package arrived for Megan on Tuesday (amidst some serious room cleaning), Meg kept saying that she wished it was Josephina. She has been reading the Josephina books and mentioning how much she wants the doll for her birthday. I was excited, but told her that we should finish working on her room then open the package. The room cleaning did not wrap up that night. (I love how my girls clean their room, it is 85% playing with 5% cleaning and 10% whining/general distraction.) Feeling like I had to stick to the plan, which Meg actually agreed readily to, we agreed that she would finish the last section in the morning and open the box. Let me just say that in the end, I got a 6:20 wake-up call to do some quiet cleaning with m darling girl, while Emily slept 15 feet away. It was-ahem-lovely, well at least by the time we got to the opening. Here is Megan opening her box.

I kept cracking up at the way she was acting, she was so shy about it and just had this huge smile. Every time I turned the camcorder on, she demurred. Maybe she knew I planned to share it. 😀 Anyway, I wanted to let Barb know what a magical effect she has had on our family. Megan is so in love with Josephina. It has been fun to watch her play and talk to her. Yesterday morning, she crawled into bed to snuggle with me (doll in tow, of course) and asked how long I thought Josephina would stay with her. When I told her that I thought forever, she just beamed. Gotta love girls and their dolls (and I have to say that I am a big American Girl fan. I know they are kind of expensive, but I love that they have great strong character stories, are well made and promote kid play. I am not calling Barbie a hoochie mama or anything, but I am really happy the girls would rather play with the AG girls, for sure!)

Thanks again, Barb! We may not know you, but we sure do love you around here!