Sumer Fine Art Day Camps

Each camp will run from 11:00am to 3:00pm and will Include lunch. (Please notify me if your child has a food allergy.) All supplies will be included.

Ages 6+ welcome unless otherwise specified

Cost is $45.00 per child per class.

A $5.00 discount will be given for enrollment in multiple classes.

Class sizes are limited and subject to cancellation for lack of enrollment.

Wednesday 6/6-Plein Air Painting-Spend the day painting like Monet! We will meet at Wheeler Farm and paint with watercolors and pastels in several locations. We will learn how to quickly capture animals, and landscapes as well as the elements of a good composition. (limited spots available)

Wednesday 6/13-Big Kids Workshop-(ages 10+) This is a chance for older artists to come spend a day doing what they like best and getting individual coaching. All media will be available and we work on what the students are interested in. Bring projects that are in progress!

Tuesday 6/19-Assemblage Boxes-We will use recycled and “found objects” to create a scene contained in a box and learn a little about the artist who created this art from, Louise Nevelson. It is a great way to use everyday objects in a completely new way!

Tuesday 6/26-Portraits-Learn new tricks for drawing facial features and refine the skills needed to make those features come together and look like the person you are portraying.

Thursday 6/28-Action Art-We will learn about how to create students’ favorite super heroes and animated characters, first in 2D on paper, then in 3D, sculpting mini-figures.

Tuesday 7/3-Jewelry-Discover several ways to create jewelry, using materials such as wire, clay, leather, beads and paper.

Thursday 7/12 Sketch Fundamentals-(ages 5-10) Learn the techniques to start observing and capturing the world around you. Sketching really is the basis of all other visual arts, so learn to do it well! Students will receive a sketch journal to start sketching in for the rest of the summer.

Tuesday 7/17 Advanced Sketching-(ages 10+) In this class we will refine our drawing skills as well as learn new tricks to create more realistic sketches. Students will receive a sketch journal to start sketching in for the rest of the summer.

Tuesday 8/7 Manga/Anime-Learn how to take your manga drawing to the next level! We will study several different anime techniques and then create a graphic novel.

Thursday 8/9 Painting Fundamentals-Learn about color theory, composition, and how to give your painting focus and movement. Then use these skills to paint a canvas.

Tuesday 8/14-Puppets-Learn several methods for creating puppets. Then discover the basics of how to write a script and put on plays for fellow students.