Lovely!It has taken me forever, but I am finally responding to Ali’s tag. Here are six facts and/or habits you may not know about me:

1. I share a birthday with Martin Luther King Jr.

2. I am freakishly strong. I can lift pretty heavy stuff. The woman I used to nanny for would refer to me as a Clydesdale. (I am still not really sure if this is a compliment.) Oh yea, I am also foolishly prideful about this at the gym…I feel like I have to show up those skinny chicks on the weights.

3. My favorite guilty pleasure (well, okay…one of them) is Keebler Fudgeshop Carmel-filled cookies.

4. I am completely phobic about sharks. (This is really embarrassing, but I have been known to have a panic attack in swimming pools over this….very embarrassing!)

5. It drives me NUTS when people say “anyways”. (Which happens a lot in Utah.) There are not multiple ways…it is just anyway, people!

6. I actually do like that pumping pop/club type music. I gladly profess my love for Rush and Led Zeppelin, for Debussy and the Charlie Hunter Trio, for Matchbox 20 and even George Strait and Tim McGraw. (To my husbands chagrin–he is eternally embarrassed by country music.) But what I haven’t admitted until now is that when Kelly Clarkson comes on at the gym, I get a little extra lift and step it up a little. Sorry Mike.

I now tag Kerrah..