1. Make green eggs (just add a few drops of food coloring to your scrambled eggs) and shamrock cakes (pancakes tinted green and made with 3 or 4 small circles together, use a spoon to pull a little batter down for a stem.) for dinner.

2. Have your own treasure hunt ending with a rainbow and pot of gold (or other treasure.)

3. Dress in green, white, and orange to display the colors of Ireland’s flag. (orange for the people of the North, green for the people of the South and white for the peace that brings them together.

4. Make a shamrock pin out of fun foam and beads or sequins.

5. See how many green items of clothing you can find to wear. We loved to be green from head to toe. (Of course we also liked to have something green hidden so that we could pinch friends 10 times back.)

6. Be a Leprechaun and make shamrock sugar cookies and drop them off to friends. Ring the doorbell and run so that you are not caught!

7. Try some authentic Irish cuisine like soda bread or corned beef and cabbage.

8. Surprise the kids by covering the windows with green cellophane to give the room and emerald isle tint.

St. Patrick’s day is always a favorite at my house, it is just a lot of fun. Hope you guys have a good one too!