Sorry, guys I know I have 2 more tags to get around to; but I think this one may cover everything, so I will just call this good. Without further adieu, 8 things you probably don’t really care to know about me:
8 TV shows I watch:
1. Pushing Daisies
2. Scrubs
3. The Office
4. My Own Worst Enemy (Oh how I love it, Meesh)
5. Burn Notice
6. 30 Rock
7. Battlestar Galactica
8. The Soup

8 Restaurants I love:
1. The Boulevard
2. Zinn Bistro
3. Kneaders
4. 5 Guys (Can you say it without the “Burgers and Fries”?)
5. KFC
6. Tidal Raves
7. BJ’s

8. Goodwood Barbecue Co.

8 things that happened today:
1. Looked at 2 really great houses!!!!! In the neighborhood!!!!
2. Finally put books on my Good Reads acct.
3. Played numbers cards with the Meg
4. Put on a concert with the girls for Mike
5. Took a walk and let Meg ride along (she is so big)
6. Got up and worked out (woohoo)
7. Put on makeup (haven’t done it in a while–sick.)
8. Cleaned up

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Mike seeing (and please, please, liking one of the above houses)
2. Thanksgiving
3. Working on my Tree of Life painting
4. Checking in on my sleeping beauties in a few minutes

5. Going to bed after this
6. Nice weather tomorrow too (please, oh please)

7. Holiday decorating
8. Going to LIFT class on Friday

8 things on my wish list:
1. Hello? House.
2. To run again
3. Dining table from Restoration Hardware (Which I just found and it is exactly what I have always pictured. Seriously, since high school. That’s certainly a down the road one.)
4. A trip to Europe someday
5. More time/better organization (I can dream)
6. More kids
7. Be a better mom
8. A horse (Just wishing, here. Why not?)

8 People I tag:
1. Becky
2. Michelle

3. Mary Anne (did I tag you last time? You don’t have to.)
4. Ali Flegal

5. Ali Day
6. Dianna
7. Kerrah