Hogweed accentsWho doesn’t like to shake it up every now and then? Yesterday that is exactly what I thought we needed. I have been thinking about painting a few accents in the living room (it is just so white, beige and blah in there.) After a lot of deliberation on exactly what I want in there; I decided on Hogweed flowers in a darker beige tone. (I didn’t want it to get too busy.) Here are a few pictures; I am pretty happy with how it turned out… something a little more interesting.

In other news, we decided that we needed a pet around too. (Well, sort of.) Our local library has a hermit crab in the children’s section and as soon as we clear the door, Megan bee-lines it back to look at the “fishie!”. It may not come as a surprise that she has never actually seen this crab, however she always stares intently at the water bowl in the tank asking “Where is the fishie?” This little routine takes place at least a couple times during each More hogweedsvisit. When Mike came home from a library trip with her a few days ago, he said “Maybe we should get a fish.” Now we have a betta… one that took a lot of time to pick out. As I would hold up a little cup with a fish in it, Megan would shake her head and solemnly tell me “No, I don’t think that one likes me.” Finally, she settled on a little red female (females don’t have the pretty long fins.) Now we are just trying to get her to name it. When we ask her what the fish’s name is, she says “I don’t know. What’s her name?” We just keep waiting for her to settle on something; so far, it looks like Doree is the front runner. I guess we will just have to wait and see…Doree the betta