How about a little easter basket to share treats with friends this year. This is very easy to assemble. You can cut it and put even a 4 year old to work lacing up the sides. If your artist is a couple of years older, they can probably do the project with only a little supervision.

Materials: (per basket)

1 sheet of card stock, trimmed to a square.


scissors (I used regular and scrapbook scissors)

hole punch


1. Decide how big you want your basket to be and lightly sketch (or mark the corners of) a square. I stuck a pot-it note in the center of the paper to mark my base.

2. Cut a triangle shape to each corner, this will give you 4 sides. You can make them straight up or angle them out slightly, as I did.

3. Fold each side up and crease the bottom well. Now mark where you need to cut the sides so they will be even when standing up and trim them to the right size.

4. Punch holes about a half inch apart up each side of the flaps.

5. Knot the end of your ribbon and start at the bottom of one corner. Lace up the side and then go to the next closest side. Continue until all of the sides are laced. Knot the ribbon again (on the inside to keep it from slipping out of the top hole.)

6. Punch a hole in the middle of two opposite sides and knot one end of the ribbon (I did a double knot to make it look larger) Thread through from the outside to the opposite side, leaving enough slack to make a handle.) and knot again.

7. Fill with treats and share!

Cutting out the basket Start lacing the sides with ribbon your finished basket looking into the basket