I have settled on this word (actually stopped grasping for it is more like it.) I don’t know that it is really that great a description of me; which is probably a product of over-thinking the whole thing. I think it sounds a little presumptuous, but am justifying this by explaining how much I love anything to do with the arts. I am definitely a visual person, but I love to experience things with all of my senses. I am affected so much by my surroundings and feeling that they are pleasing. So…meh, not super great, but it’ll do. Your opinion is certainly welcome. Michael was pretty easy to label as technical. His life pretty much revolves around technology, but he is also a very detailed-oriented person. (For example, he takes great an annoying amount of joy in pointing out the literal or technical meaning of things I say. I can’t think of an example off of the top of my head…but this drives me nuts! Otherwise, his technical detailed self is generally a very good trait.) I am sure this is hitting the point of severe boredom; so I will wrap up by saying that Emily is bright and Megan is pink. Yea, I think pretty much done with this one. ;-P