This month was even crazier than last month. (And with even more exciting stuff.) I’ll start with the biggest event first: (yay!)

Brent & Katie

(Oh, it is so sad. This really deserves its own post. I am a blogging looser.) My little brother in law got hitched. (I just have to say I feel free to gush like this because I know the Jensens don’t tend to read my blog. Anyway,) Brent is pretty much the greatest guy ever. Not only is he a hunky soccer star, but he is a wicked smart actuary in training (that’s some serious math, people), plus he is just super sweet and cute. Okay, I will stop. Anyway, we wondered if there really could be a girl out there who is worthy of Mr. All-Around-Wonderful and (drumroll) there is! Katie is AWESOME! There just isn’t a better word to describe her. She is this super sweet, very funny, crepe makin’, soccer-playin’, girl with a plethera of kick-butt hobbies and skills. Not to mention, totally gorgeous. For the few that have made it this far in this post, I will just finish by saying: I am so excited that I am going to get to hang out with her for-well, basically- ever. My favorite moments in the wedding festivities were the great advice from P. Christensen at the wedding and seeing the dozen little girls in their darling dresses. Mmm, and Teressa’s excellent cakes. (Wish I had gotten a picture of those. The grooms cake was choc. with cherries piled up on each tier and the wedding cake was darling white with limes and kiwis ringing the tiers. You Flegal women are seriously creative!)

We went to Idaho to play with the Schwendimans again…so fun! What more can I say? We had our first four-wheeler outing. We could easily see being addicted. Actually, we could even see moving to Idaho. I know. We can’t spend any more weekends up there until we are firmly planted down here and past the temptation. (;-D)

We also went camping the weekends before and after the wedding. I have to say Jensen camping trips are one of the things we really look forward to each summer. These 2 certainly didn’t dissapoint. The bonus this year was that the girls are old enough that they could play with less supervision, which made it easy for me to kick back and enjoy too. Look at these pictures, you can see how fun it is! (For some reason, I can’t seem to get these 2 images to post full size. So click on them if you are interested in seeing our camping bliss.)

Finally, last Sunday was Megan’s Birthday! We had a princess party on Saturday with Megan’s darling little friends. It was so fun to watch all of the little princesses making crowns and bracelets and just being girly together. We have sort of been celebrating the rest of the week to make up for the cancelled family party on Sunday. We decided to take a little trip to the ER instead. (Oh joy of joys.) Well, I guess I could more acurately say that my heart decided we should take an ER trip. Everything is okay, I am on a medication to slow my heart down until we can get things taken care of. It leaves me very tired; which means I am not gettign as much done as I’d like to lately. However, life goes on. This blog post will have to end though. So here are a few more pictures. (Notice no empty promises about blogging more often. As it is almost midnight, I am more interested in sleep than keeping up with online buddies. At this point, I am not even guaranteeing that this will make sense. hehe.)