the girls laying in the snow

I have mentioned it before, but Christmas with Megan is just so much fun. She is so excited for Santa to come and bring her a treat and a pink bike. Every time she mentions it (or even better when she sits on the side of her booster seat and says “Look Mom, I am riding my pink bike!”) I feel like I might burst waiting to see her on the seat of the Dora bike currently hidden in the garage. In the meantime, there is the fun in the Christmas parties and playing in the snow. And since I really don’t have anything more interesting to say, just enjoy my two little ones making a snowman. Okay, I did most of the work on it, Megan was more of an executive producer. Emily was more of an executive snow-eater. At one point, she just laid face-down in the snow…you know, to more conveniently partake of the snowy goodness. Yes, a little disgusting, but nonetheless very cute! (As is just about everything Emily does these days.) After a while, Megan headed over to provide assistance. She is such a good big sis.

Emily repeatedly pulling off her glove to chew on it. Megan with her snowman