April fool’s day is coming up. I think this is one of those great holidays that gives you the chance to do something fun with your kids without the pressure that comes with bigger holidays. So what to do? There are classic pranks like sewing the legs closed on a victim’s underware, you can also quickly stitch several together so that they get a magic act effect when they try to pull a pair out of the drawer. You can put Seran wrap over the bowl of your toilet-it’s a classic, but it gets results. Also classic, exchange sugar for salt (and vice versa depending on the meal.) Check out Family Fun’s site for a whole bunch of great ideas. Including a mom who actually moved her kids into different beds while they slept.

Possibly the most fun you can have, though is by playing with your kid’s food. If you want to go all out you can buy rolled fondant at a craft store and sculpt all sorts of items to hide on their dinner plate. (It has a gum-like texture and hardly any flavor–biting into it is a prank in itself.) It is a good idea to make just one or two trick foods if you want to keep them off guard. You can also swap ingredients to surprise their taste buds. Here are some other fun recipes from allrecipes.com: (Their names pretty much say it all!)

hot dog cookies
kitty litter cake
dirt cake
ice cream baked potatoes
April fools berry soda

Have some foolish fun on Sunday!