Okay, making an instructional video certainly isn’t rocket science, but I am no rocket scientist either, sooo…

I am excited that I finally have this (sort of) figured out. I would love your feedback on the video (as well as the project!) I’d also love to start posting pictures of your projects too. I am looking for an add-on to do this, but in the meantime email them to me and I’ll do it manually. My goal is a project a week for the summer; should be fun.

Ages: 3 + (Older kids will produce great paintings, younger will love just exploring the paint with their straw.)



tempra or acrylic paint

straws (Thin ones will work the best–coffee straws or one from a juice pouch.)

paint well or paper plate


1. If you are using tempra, just drip a little puddle on the bottom of the page. If you are using acrylic, you will need to thin it a little. If the bottle is almost empty, it works great to just add a little water and shake it up. You can also squeeze some paint in a baggie and add water, then squish to mix it. (Keep adding until it is about the consistency of milk.) Then cut the tip of the bag off (keep it small!)tree 2 You can also mix in a small cup or bowl and then spoon onto the paper.

2. Put your straw close to the puddle at the bottom and gently blow, directing it upward to create your tree trunk. The paint will naturally want to branch off. You can follow it and blow the paint in that direction to create a branch.

3. If you run out of paint before you want the branch to end, just add a few drops at the tip and keep blowing.

4. Make leaves with a paintbrush or by dipping your finger tips into the paint and pressing them onto the paper.  Use this technique to make fruit or blossoms as well.

4. Experiment with doing different types of trees or up-close views of the branches. Try some flowers or making a landscape. You can also experiment with abstract designs (and getting the different parts of your hands in the paint–you know, it’s big with the 4 year olds.)