Happy Easter. It seems like so long ago. I have been enjoying the challenge of keeping things going despite a sinus infection. I keep having to delete my half finished posts due to the overall whinny tone. We had a great Easter. However, since Sunday evening, my life has consisted of consoling grumpy girls who are frequently spewing slurry from one end or the other. Let me just say, life has not been pleasant. I think we are about done, then someone starts up again. The joy! The smells! The laundry! Yeah… by this weekend, everything in our house should be very clean (as I have washed car seats, carpet and more loads of laundry than I want to count.) A big highlight: Megan (a sage and in control preschooler) is so much easier to deal with when it comes to this stuff. On Monday, she actually ran from the kitchen and came back with “the bucket” and then puked into it! (Wow, so much easier to clean!) They both have also had darling moments of personality cuteness (possibly to keep me from imploding.)

To the point: Enjoy a couple of Easter pictures. (Didn’t get one of the dresses! So, more to come.) See you next week. That is all.

Dying Easter eggs

The girls in their new jewels     Emily coloring eggs

The girls egg hunting