Emily went through 176 ideas before she settled on a butterfly/flower/pink theme for her party. (We edited that down to a butterfly garden party to limit eye-rolls from less girly friends. Anyway, this turned out to be one of my favorite parties to throw. Here is a run-down on what we did in case you have a little girly-girl that might enjoy something similar.

When the girls (and our one brave boy) arrived, they were bedecked with a set of butterfly wings. (Find them, among other things for a great price at Halo Haven.) Then the girls were asked to help decorate a birthday banner while we waited for the rest of our friends to arrive. Kids get pretty excited about coloring/painting on a big piece of paper. You can buy a strip of it (for around 15 cents/foot) at any craft store.

Then we played a couple of games (the favorite was bug, bug, butterfly, aka duck, duck, goose.) The girls were so excited to paint that we quickly moved to making tissue butterflies (instructions on those to come).

Actually, these were such a hit that we barely had time for cake and ice cream and gifts before it was time to head home. Emily was so happy with everything. Look at her making her darling little wish.

Then we sent the kids home with little bags filled with butterfly goodies and clipped closed with a butterfly hair clip. It doesn’t get much more girly than that. Boys, eat your heart out.