We headed to the high Uintas with half of one of our favorite families last weekend. (Sadly, Jodi and Baby Ryan had to stay home sick.) Our girls just adore cute Chloe and had a ball playing around with her.

Here’s the group before we left. I think Michael loved hanging out with Mike and didn’t mind when I couldn’t get Amanda to sleep and ended up stuck in the tent with the girls and night. : D I got to see a handful of meteors while I held her on my sleeping bag. The little nut ended up sleeping with me all night–it was pretty crazy/uncomfortable/sweet to hold her all night. She has been in a bad sleep stage; we are playing the assisted “cry it out” game this week. Yuck. It is improving though.

Jake loves camping (What’s not to love?) The highlight of his trip was meeting a couple of horseback riders. I had to chase him down the road or he might have permanently joined their family. Apparently he loves horses as much as I do. Great news for if we ever get that Highland horse property I’ve been dreaming of.

I love this peek of the girls playing in the trees. If you look close, you’ll see their stick “guns.” They were playing Star Wars. Chloe was Padme, Megan was Queen Amidala, Emily was… Padmae. I laughed at that and asked about Leia, or Captain Solo (a favorite of all the girls in our house, wink.) and was informed that we are only playing the time before Leia was born. Um, have I mentioned Michael’s influence on our girls? I am frequently corrected on Star Wars stuff. It’s a little embarrassing.