second way that you can roll your lanternMake several of these to decorate for your New Year’s feast. They are quick and easy and do not actually light up. They are perfect for smaller artists with help and can be easily done by first graders up alone.


Construction paper (1 per lantern)



(Paint. markers, or crayons)


1. (If you’d like) draw a picture on your piece of paper.

2. Fold the paper in half length-wise (so that it is long and skinny), Then fold each of the ends back toward the middle so that the size is halved again.(If you look at the end it makes an M shape.)

3. Cut 1 inch slits starting from the folded side of the paper. (Stop about an 1 inch from the top.)

first set of cuts on lanternsecond set of cuts on lantern

4. Open up the paper so that it is folded in half and cut each slit the rest of the way through. (Your paper

first way you can roll your lantern

should have slits running all the way from the top (minus an inch) to the bottom (minus an inch.) It should still be completely connected.

5. With the paper completely open, bring the 2 sides together to make a tube. Depending on which side you put out, it will make one of these 2 designs. Secure the seam with tape.

6. Cut a strip and tape each end inside the top of the tube to make a handle. I tried braiding some crepe paper for the handle.