Well, here I am again, on a Thursday night–wondering where the week went. I think the thing that is most frustrating to me is all of the great ideas swimming around in my head that I know I am never going to have time to bring to reality. Because it’s all I can do just to do the general “stuff” of the day.

The girls are sick again… nothing big, just runny noses and a little grumpy-ness. However, it eats up the day just to keep them reasonably happy. Meanwhile, there is a load of laundry that has been in the dryer since Monday. Michael got me Maytag Neptunes for our anniversary. Our old ones have been dying for a while and we found these for a great deal. (I am not even going to mention that I have wanted them for about 7 years. I have a slightly demented love of all things house-related–much like normal women love shoes.) I was so excited that I gathered together the first load and lovingly watched it spin in the washer for about 5 minutes. Megan loved it she kept saying “Clothes turning!” The excitement didn’t carry through long enough to get me to fold it though. And sadly, they have turned against me. Mike keeps saying “You know you can see the clothes in the dryer.” Yeah, you can see the dishes in the sink too, but that doesn’t move them into the dishwasher faster. Well…that ‘s life. Maybe I will get something done tomorrow. But judging by how often this has happened lately, probably not.