…that you are going to be buried in the avalanche of stuff that is rumbling behind you? Um, that’s pretty much what I’ve been running from for the last week or so. Life is CRAZY! Emily had a darling butterfly party last week and she is still on a high note. We put our house up for sale (anyone interested in a remodeled East Millcreek bungalow??) and then we ran away to Las Vegas for the weekend to visit my sis.

Today, I did laundry and shoveled through the pile of stuff in our kitchen and put it back where the <many> individual items belong. (Well, for the most part.) I am tired just thinking about it. : D I guess I am just tired.

I videoed a cake decorating tutorial with Emily’s butterfly garden cake. I will post it on Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, let’s all kick up our feet and relax for a minute.