I know, no one’s life is affected by my lack of posting. I have missed feeling connected though. Actually, I have had a ton of stuff to post about too: we went to the zoo, the girls moved into big girl bed (gulp!), we went swimming for the first time this summer, we went to Summerlin to visit Pamela and Nathan, Megan had a darling end-of-year preschool program, we’ve had playdates and tea parties, we’re having fun! We’re getting photo ops. (I can’t seem to upload anything, but now that I have broken the posting barrier, we can move to the next to-do item.) Maybe I will post highlights for you. The lack of updates come from the fact that I am tantalizingly close to having the proposal for my book done. I will put up a link when the site is done. Thanks to the very talented Andrew Burt, it shouldn’t be too long and should look pretty good. (You are the flash guru, Eddie!)

Also on my agenda is the Venture Outdoors Festival; where I will be teaching an art clinic next Saturday. If you are in the Salt Lake area, feel free to drop in. My clinic will be at 7:30p; but there is a lot of other really great stuff going on. I am excited to go to Peter Breinholt’s children’s music clinic and soak up some of Joy Bossi’s knowledge. Okay. It is midnight. I am really tired. My conscience is officially clear. I have posted. What? It was only a-er-few weeks.