Okay, lower those eyebrows. I am not talking about getting Aunt Mildred a Sawzall here; I am thinking of a hugely practical and unexpected gift. We have given many men in our lives a nice new set of screwdrivers as a gift and the response is almost always along the lines of “This is so great! I have lost a few in my old set over the years.” However even better than that, my wonderful friend Charlotte shared an idea that made it impossible not to include this on the list. This year she is getting all of her friends this nifty little hammer.

It is basically everything you need for “around the house” jobs packed into one (easier to store, harder to loose) package. They make these in plain steel, but I like the silk screened version. It’s cute and the girly-ness will deter use (and loss) by the man of the house. You can pick this up on Amazon for $5.50; which certainly makes it a reasonable gift to give Auntie dear or a few friends. Trust Charlotte. She knows what she is doing. If you know her, you know that she is the woman Martha Stewart wishes she was.

Now, to receive a 6 in 1 hammer/screwdriver set for your junk drawer, leave a comment telling us what is the most “creative” thing you’ve used as a tool by Sunday, Dec. 19th. (Come on, we’ve all used a butter knife to try and get a screw out. It’s a safe place, you can share.)

*Extra entries can be earned by blogging, tweeting, or posting on Facebook (with links) about this giveaway. Please leave a comment for each additional entry.

The winner will be chosen by random.org and announced on Monday Dec. 20th. Good luck!

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