Many of my Christmas decorations had to stay in the box this year. What can you do when you just don’t have a lot of surface area to display nativities and nutcrackers? So a gingerbread house wasn’t high on my list of things to make…or was it? As I mentioned in last year’s gingerbread house post (which has recipes and more ideas.) The Jensen family has moved to making large cookies instead of full houses. It is just easier; easier to make, easier for 19 kids to decorate their own cookies instead of 7 family houses, and this year I realized they are easier to display too.

I have a curtain rod in the kitchen which I usually hang family pictures from. For Christmas, I wrapped a garland around it and then tied my cookies to it with a wide ribbon. As my (well, actually Grandma Lulu’s) recipe for gingerbread is not super hard, (it is the kind that tastes good–really good!) I glued the cookies to mat board and punched a hole for the ribbon in that. Simple to do, you kids will love to decorate an army of cookies for you to hang up and the kitchen will smell even better for it!

Gingerbread cookie garland