meg asleepAlright, since I am that kind of girl, we will start with the good. My cute friend Amy turned me onto this tasty new blog, The Glutton…which I am loving! I can’t wait to make the Wild Rice Chicken Salad and I think I will make the Tomato Basil Tart for dinner tomorrow night (I am not sure that it goes perfectly with the already slated butternut squash soup, but they are both 2 very good things.) You have to take a look at it–does life get any better than food blogging?

Now for the bad news. I am rapidly slipping into desperation over Megan’s lack of sleeping skills. So here is the question for all of you good moms out there: How do you get two toddlers to go to sleep (and hopefully stay asleep) in one bedroom? So far this is how a typical night goes:

8:00 bedtime (Scriptures, prayers, 2 stories, hugs and kisses)

From here it goes one of two ways:

8:20-10:00ish We put Emily in her crib, shut the door and tuck Megan into our bed. She gets out, plays, calls me to help with one thing or another a few times, I end up laying down next to her bed or she does actually go to sleep somewhere in the house. We put her in her bed when we come to bed.


8:20-10:00ish We put both girls in their beds and go downstairs, soon the sounds of giggling and merryment float down to us. We make a few stern reprimands and possibly throw in a time out or two for Megan. Finally, we shut the door to let Emily calm down and go to sleep (it takes about 5 minutes tops) then resort to option #1 to get Megan to sleep.

I know this isn’t the night of a good in-control mother. The saddest part is that the getting them into bed isn’t the end. I end up getting up with them a few times (or more) in a night and laying next to Megan on the floor while she falls back to sleep. Needless to say, I am so tired!!! Help me please! I know I am not doing it right, I just don’t know where to go from here.