We have been busy, busy. It was Michael’s birthday. (Sadly, no pictures. Bad wife.) But if you look closely on the side of his birthday poster below, you will see where Megan wrote “We love you Daddy.” and “We don’t hate you.” I see a future with Hallmark.

This was our first year carving pumpkins and we all loved it. It took the girls a few minutes to decide it was okay to touch the pumpkin guts. : ) Eventually they got over the grossness.

They also had their last soccer games of the season. Meg did great. No goals, but lots of hustle and smiles.

I didn’t get an action shot of Emily, but this is pretty much what she looks like for most of her games anyway.

Too bad we didn’t get an action shot of me. These games are prime socializing time with favorite friends.

Here’s Emily in her costume. We had a hard time settling on costumes this year. Emily really wanted to be Princess Leia. Um, gold bikini Princess Leia. Yea. Let that digest for a second. I had to bribe her with the sparkly red shoes to get her to be Dorthy. She owned it once she had committed though. Love the yarn braids?? I can do a tutorial. (Snicker)

I didn’t get a good shot of Megan as Jasmine, but it was cute. She thinks the “skin color” section on her costume is hilarious. Awesome. Amanda is just all sorts of cuddly in her kitty suit.

Check out the tail action. I just loved watching her crawl around in this!

Sunday night we said goodbye to Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lu. They are heading to Frankfurt to serve a mission. You can guess who the baby of the family was. I cried all the way home. I am really excited for them, but I’m going to miss them too. Everyone else was totally fine; the Jensens are known for keeping it cool. Although, it was sweet to watch Megan hug Grandma Lu whenever she was close to her at all. Yep. now I am tearing up again…big baby. We love these guys. They are pretty amazing.

You know it was a great weekend because it took me until Wednesday to post about it. What have I been doing with the week????