My pineapple princess is 4 today! If there is laughing or singing in our house, chances are she is at the center of it. She loves to sing and dance and generally entertain us. Full of funny comments delivered in a darling little voice, Emily makes life much more fun.

This kid LOVES to draw and color.

and come up with crazy games with Meg (This is a camel they made out of sleeping bags, pillows and blanket. Awesome.)

I love this picture, it captures her serious little concentrating scowl.

Playing xbox games is also a big favorite. (As well as a useful tool for bribing. Notice they are in their jammies playing here.)  I had to include this–it is so cute and so typical for the girls (though not my most flattering pic. :D)

I don’t know what I would do without Emily, but I do know it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Emily singing her song