So, things have been a little nutty lately; and I am running a little behind on posting. (stating the obvious, right?) I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a few words about my little bit of sunshine, though. I just cannot believe that Emily is 2 already. It seems that the more I try to keep her my baby, the faster she turns into this adorable little curly top girl. Here are a few of my favorite things about Emily:

  • She has an amazing 1000 watt smile. Seriously, her whole body smiles, she squinches up her eyes and just radiates happiness.
  • When she gets excited she jabbers on with such an earnest look on her face, it just makes me want to squeeze her cheeks.
  • Uh, yea. Those cheeks-so cute! So are her little chubby arms and legs.
  • “wook-a-dat!”, “I wike it!”, “I do!”, “A wock-a-chair!”  (Pretty much everything she says really does have an exclamation point after it. She is just so stinkin’ happy.
  • She has this really funny scowl that gives people (especially new acquaintances.) It is intense and it is difficult to break. Mike and I usually can’t help but laugh up as she nails someone with it.
  • She is just so stinkin’ happy!
  • When she gets mad she banters off these staccato ejaculations. She reminds me of a mad little hen. It cracks me up.
  • The curls. Come on, how can you not love them.
  • The way she takes in everything around her.
  • When she dances around, her shoulders move in a very cute and exuberant way.
  • She often holds tight with one hand around my neck and it melts me.
  • She loves being with Megan, you can frequently hear her calling out “Meg! Meg-an” in her cute little voice.
  • She loves babies and is so cute and maternal.
  • She is so excited about life–and it is contagious!
  • I can still think she is cute when she wakes me up at 4am.
  • She wakes up totally happy–just excited to be here.

This is probably enough mushy-ness for public consumption, but I think you get the idea. I am so thrilled that I get to be her mommy. I know, you are probably full of cheese by now; but let me jut say she is a perfect little bit of sunshine and that is so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Ems.