Emily turned one last Thursday. I can’t believe she is a year. Honestly, with Megan we barreled through the first year, just dying to see what the next development would be. This time around I have felt more like I am holding on for dear life as the ride speeds by. All day I just kept looking at her and thinking back a year. How excited I was to finally be done with pregnancy (which I am horrible at-months of bedrest, etc.) and to be in the hospital again with the thrill of anticipation. How great her delivery was and how cute and sweet she looked, all new and cuddly. (I know only the newborn’s actual parents think they are that cute.) Then the crazy NICU stay while Emily worked on developing those little lungs. (She was 3 weeks early and had a surfactant deficiency.) It was crazy, but when she got home is when things really get blurry. ;-D This year has been a humbling learning experience for me for sure. brad and em

Besides an amazing little girl, what have I gotten? I have learned to be a little more flexible, a little more patient, and a little less self-centered. Also, just how much you can do without sleep (and how much you miss said sleep when it is gone.)

This week has certainly been nuts, with lots of projects due and activities to enjoy, but the best thing by far has been just looking at Emily, as she wobbles towards taking her first independent steps and beams that huge,emily last year nose-crinkling, eye-squinching smile. I know I have said it before, but she shines! I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that she is a part of my life!