Today is my little sis’ 28th birthday. She died of cancer 10 years ago in May. For some reason, this birthday has been a really hard one for me. So I wanted to share some Koryn things. (Hopefully the 3 of you who still read my blog don’t mind.)


Koryn really loved this bit! She taped it on her “happy tape.” I really love that she had a happy tape.


She also loved this commercial. But especially at the time she was diagnosed. We reenacted this many times, giggling uncontrollably as we chorused “It’s really big. I’m serious.” in her hospital room. I think everybody thought we had lost it (at least a little). We just needed the humor to cope. You know me. I laugh. a lot. She does too.


This song is just mine and it perfectly encapsulates my feelings about loosing her and the feel of that time. My Mom used to call us Mutt and Jeff; I didn’t know who they were, but that is pretty good label for us. …two peas in a giggly, cheesy, happy pod. I miss you Koryn and olive you a lot.