megan’s crazy cakeWell, it was certainly a crazy, though fun week for us. Quickly, as promised a report on trying to develop charity. Overwhelmingly, the thing I learned this week is how easily I loose focus and forget about having a deeper purpose to my actions. However, I have to say that there were many really sweet moments when I felt the peace and love that I know my Savior has for me and my feeble efforts. I am going to continue (and I am sure I will continue to shake my head at just how forgetful I am!)a few pics of the kids

It was Megan’s 3rd birthday this weekend and we celebrated! We started at the beginning of the week by running errands and getting things ready for “her friends and big party.” As the week progressed, the excitement built. Then on Friday, she woke up to one of my favorite traditions from my childhood. My Mom would wrap up all of our gifts and pile them on top of the kitchen table. Then throughout the day she would say “I think it is time to open another present!” My Mom always made our birthdays a magical huge production. She is a pro! Megan seemed to enjoy this ordeal as much as I always did. (There is something about the anticipation of looking at all those gifts and thinking about which one will be next.) We didn’t have a cake, but I have always liked the idea of waking up with one like in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.) We did stick candles in her chicken nuggets.

On Saturday we had her birthday party. We didn’t have a theme, just lots of bright colors. The kids came and decorated big crowns. (Which I cut out of poster board with wavy or zig-zag lines down the middle to create 2 crowns.) They used feathers, yarn, glitter and sequins which I purchased at a craft store. Then we had pizza, chips, and A few more picsfruit and veggies. Next, the kids played duck, duck, goose and we did some finger plays and songs (thank goodness for that preschool student practicum.) and had cake and ice cream and presents. Pretty simple, very fun! Megan is still talking about “my friends” and “my big party.”