Emily all wrapped upI haven’t been blogging, because the party started on Friday and hasn’t stopped. (Okay, not exactly…but about as much as it can for an “adult birthday.” as my sister calls them.) Actually, I have started about 10 posts then scrapped them after getting distracted by about that many others (Thanks a lot Ali; you know, for being a better blogger and give me more to read!) Anyway, as a birthday gift to myself, I am letting me off the hook. (I am so good at that!)

So here is the big-day summary: My Mom took me out for a girls night on Friday….mmm coconut shrimp. Then the Jensen’s threw a fun birthday dinner on Sunday (aka. the Mommy princess party) and Michael spoiled me all day on Tuesday. The culmination of which was a shopping spree (Thanks for the Christmas gift card Julie!) to Utrect art supply. I felt positively luxuriant as I choose tubes of paint and canvasses and didn’t even think about the cost. That about sums it up…ah birthday fun. I promise to get back to reality with a project post in the next couple of days. No later than Monday, I promise!