We had such a fun-packed Easter. The girls were overcome with excitement at waking up to an egg hunt. My favorite thing was following them around as they gave little yips of excitement at finding a new egg. Megan asked if the Easter Bunny “visits all of the children of the world.” (Hehe, where does she get the cheesiness??) After watching conference, we hopped (haha) down to my parents for an Easter lunch and egg hunt. Then we came home, finished up conference and headed over to the Jensen’s for dinner, an Egg hunt, and the annual Egg drop. Notice a theme? Let me give you a hint, it involves buckets full of candy. : D The girls were in heaven!

Really, I am not sure what’s going on here, but I thought it was funny!

Every year Jensens of all ages engineer crash protection for a raw egg; which is dropped off of Grandma Verna’s roof. The dropping turns to throwing, and then to throwing harder and farther, until all of the eggs crack. Michael did very well with his nerf football holder. Weston was the winner. He made a tubular cradle out of straws and packing tape then added balloons to slow the fall.

As you eat your eggs, save the shells. I will post a project to do with them on Wednesday. Happy Easter!