valentine’s dinnerThis Valentine’s I committed to let go of my expectations and make this day fun and more about my family than the mushy greeting card-will he turn into Mr. Darcy because it is Valentine’s? stuff. (Which is the long way of saying that I am not making it about me; I guess.) And, as I expected, it was a really great day. Megan had an over-the-top good time in preschool (Miss Shan really is the best teacher ever!) Then we headed over to Carl’s Jr. (and their fabulous playplace and star-shaped chicken nuggets…not to mention fabulously edible adult food.) with Ali and Eliza. The site of Eliza throws both my girls into fits of joy. (Megan couldn’t stop hugging her.) I feel pretty much the same way about Ali (I try to hold back on the hugging though.) To the point: kids play and laugh as they eat fatty bits of chicken and potato. While mommies talk about 200 miles a minute…heaven!

I also threw a playlist together for running (which I am so excited to start using) when Michael came home early…at 4:30! I was super shocked! (Happy Valentine’s!) We then had a fabulous dinner of baby-back ribs and roasted potatoes and green beans. I got little gifts for everyone and put them on their plates. The highlight of the meal for Megan was using “princess glasses” for our ginger ale (crystal goblets). She is all about the princess. I love the shinny heart table cloth my Mom made. It was fun being a little fancy for dinner; and isn’t that what Valentine’s is all about?