Halloween is over and the house is looking a little drab without all of the spook-tacular decorations. Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but not necessarily a flashy one. The other night as I sat looking at my bare living room I got an idea for some wire pumpkins. You know, something to place on top of the piano (or whatever) until you can “haul out the holly.” When I mentioned this new project to my husband he asked if I was going to make a cornicopia. I don’t want to go that traditional, but you should feel free to experient. I first started working with wire when I took a metal sculpture class at Salt Lake Communtiy college and was intruduced to Alexander Calder’s work. (Find out more about him at Artchive) Since I have ejoyed making all sorts of things out of wire. Use a small gauge and make a flower for a cute thank you card. Use think armature wire to make all sorts of fun decorations. Like these pumpkins. Check out the project of the week page for a step by step guide.