I love YouTube–what’s not to love? A wide variety of random and entertaining tidbits; like Flight of the Conchords. Actually, it is my love of Bret and Jemaine that have gotten me into this mess. I noticed a link to an episode of In Treatment and I have always liked Gabriel Byrne, so I clicked…then I got hooked. The great thing is that HBO has generously provided (at that point 4) full episodes on YouTube. It’s well written, a little voyeuristic and just plain enjoyable. Today I had another 25 minutes to kill and logged on to find out how Laura (Monday’s apt.) is doing. Argh! only a teaser! Blast you HBO! You hooked me like a dealer in an after-school special. (The first 4 are free….) Between this and Battlestar Galactica coming back in April, I am tempted as never before to spend my cash on cable. Nah, I’ll live; but if you are above us pedestrian basic-cable types; check it out. No? Another FOTC clip, perhaps?