One of the things I have been trying to brush up a little lately is my Adobe CS prowess (such that it is.) I designed this postcard for a new, and downright fabulous, site called Headbands & hardware.

I have recently acquired several new hair adornments myself. I love that they make me feel hip and cute despite my current jolly physique. : D Hehe. Amanda is well worth the baby weight. Everything is super well-made and I have even been dressing up my sad “I showered, but didn’t do my hair-so what?” pony tails with darling flowers, feathers, and jewels.

…and Headbands & hardware have been gracious enough to offer one you a $20 gift certificate! I am going to take a leaf out of DeeDee’s book for the entry method. Here’s what to do:

1 entry for checking out H&h and leaving a comment telling me what you would buy with the gift certificate (no anonymous comments)
1 entry for posting about this giveaway on your blog
1 entry for becoming a follower of my blog
1 entry for linking to this post on your facebook status
1 entry if you tweet about this giveaway
2 entries if you buy something from H&h–and tell us what you got!
*No points for mentioning my creative genius in making their postcard, but flattery is appreciated. lol

*Entries must be received by midnight on Thursday (4/22), the winner will be announced Friday.

Now, if you don’t get the give-away, don’t fret. You can enjoy 15% off of your order by using the code HH15 at checkout. Happy shopping!