my cute girlSo the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy. We have been enjoying what we think is Cryptosporidia (a lovely little parasite that makes you digestive tract into a veritable rollercoaster ride.) I think all I really need to say about it is that it is keeping me busy and uncomfortable and just doesn’t seem to really stop.

The other big thing keeping me busy is that Megan and I have jumped aboard the potty express! It is pretty exciting. Last Friday we had a Potty Party with balloons and treats (and lots of diluted soda.) She is doing great. There are certainly plenty of accidents, but it really hasn’t been too bad. It is so cute to see her face when she makes “poopoo water” (as she keeps calling it for some reason) in her potty. She is very efficient and loves to dump the bowl into the toilet and see what color the pee is. (Somehow it is always exciting that it is yellow.) She also loves all of her cute princess and Backyardigan underwear.

Other exciting news: We went to the Rush concert on Monday. The memories of whichMike and Jon rocking out just fill my rock lovin’ heart with joy. It was incredible! I love that after around 30 years of playing together they still love what they are doing. Geddy Lee was nothing short of charming, he seemed genuinely delighted at how much we enjoyed the concert, mentioning a few times what a “great crowd” we were. I just love the energy these guys have and I really do think that a lot of it comes from how much they love doing this. Which, I am sure, is a big part of why they are such amazing musicians. I guess that is enough gushing. Let’s just say that I was totally sick and somewhat miserable and still has a fabulous time at the concert…it was that good!Rush

In other exciting news Mike is off to Scout camp for this week, which leaves me lonely, but also enjoying some quality me time. Last night I kicked it off by watching what is now definitely a favorite movie; The Painted Veil. I am a fan of Somerset Maughm and Edward Norton, so I was excited to see this from the get-go; but it far exceeded my expectations. It is visually lush and completely haunting. I couldn’t do anything else while I watched and couldn’t stop to go to bed. (Which are both my usual m.o.) Really, I can’t recommend this one enough. It was smart and made you feel so purposeful and good about life. (Which is what makes Maughm’s books so great.)