Michael and I were sitting in the living room talking this afternoon when Emily came in to ask for something. Then she skipped out in her usual cute Emily way. As happens so often, I just couldn’t help but think how wonderful she is and how much I love being her mom. Michael said that the look on my face at that moment “makes it all worth it.”

I have thought about that a bit today. There are certainly frustrating and tiring moments in my day, but they are far outweighed by the effervescent moments of joy in being a mother to these two wonderful girls.

This is Megan’s “pretend dog.” The other afternoon, I walked

into the kitchen and  found the puppy studying Megan’s

alphabet “stairs” on the fridge. I thought it was very cute

and comical. Her imagination is so vibrant. It is fun just to

witness some of the little things she comes up with.