Last week I went to a presentation by Liz Edmunds (aka the Food Nanny); which really inspired me–about dinner! She advocates making a 2 week plan (Ali, I thought you’d like that with your 2 week shopping trips.) To make making that plan easier, Liz suggests setting a theme for each night of the week. I love this idea, I think it will help with my dinner problem–falling into a rut and rotating a handful of recipes. Here is my little meal plan to fill out. I bought her cookbook because I am always interested in easy recipes. I have done weekly menus for a while and one little trick I’ve learned is to just save those menus in a file to look back through when I get stumped. I’ll let you know how it goes next week. I plan on doing some tweeking as I go; but I figured I’d share–anything to make dinner easier, right?