Wow, things have been crazy lately. My Dad had a stroke a couple of weeks ago (and while it certainly isn’t about me, it just makes things that much more complicated. He is in a hospital adad and girlsn hour away and you know how it is…) The girls are sleeping so poorly right now, so I am a zombie and it seems to be all I can do just to get the basics taken care of. Enough complaining-on to the point:

I am feeling pretty crummy and it is a busy time; it feels depressingly easy to fall into “survival mode.” I find myself thinking If I can just get through today…. but what am I waiting for? This is what life is. Being a mom means that you don’t get a break on the weekend. So how do you deal when your feeling drained and a little blue about it all?

This may seem counterintuitive; but I think that the answer lies in putting others first. Don’t get me wrong, every mom deserves-no needs-“me time.” But for me when I am ready to throw myself a pity party, the quickest way to pull out of it is by looking for for opportunities to serve others. I meg in hatthink it helps to put things in perspective. Plus, when I call a friend to commiserate, it always cheers me up. It usually doesn’t take too long to realize that this time will pass and in a few years I won’t remember the sleepless nights so much as how cute it is that Megan runs to see the “fire fruck” go by.