Sitting with SantaThis morning we took the girls to have breakfast with Santa (courtesy of the VV4th ward.) They had a ball playing with their favorite friends and when Santa arrived, Megan just about lost it with excitement. We stood in line to go and sit on his lap and by the time that we got to him; Megan was holding on to my leg (a little atypical, but I wasn’t worried.) Finally, it is our turn! Our friendly neighbor, Dick Winters (think quintessential grandfather type) beckons the girls to come and sit on his jolly (if not really fat) lap. Megan responds by scurrying back a few paces with a little nervous yelp. As I coax her forward, we try to sit Emily down (she has been settled in my arms, just quietly taking it all in up to this point.) In true Emily style, she wordlessly leaptsnowy tree to action, grabbing into my arms with nothing short of a death grip and pulling herself against me with surprising strength. (Meanwhile, Megan is still managing to to hold onto my leg and put as much distance between herself and Santa as possible. While Mike is waiting to snap our magical Christmas picture.) Well, you can see how we ended up.

Outside, we are enjoying 8 inches of new snow, so the city looks like a postcard (with a lot of anxious drivers.) Inside, I finally got our Christmas decorations up and the girls have been obsessed with the tree (and ornaments) ever since. Add a little Christmas music (I am enjoying my Sissel CD) and you can’t help feeling very merry. The point: I am getting excited for Christmas and it just gets better the more the girls enjoy the season.