One of my favorite people posted about feeling blessed and one of the things she mentioned was her computer and the ability to keep up with those she loved. (Plus the good recipes which I am also a fan of.) I have to say, I have not been much for the blogging the last few months. I have spent my free time painting, which is also great. However, this daily post challenge has been fun because not only does it get me on to share, but also to read what you guys have been up to. (Let’s face it; when you open your reader and have 40+ feeds to peruse, it’s a little overwhelming.) Anyway, to cut the rambling short: it’s been fun to reconnect. I missed you guys. (Even those of you I see at least once a week.)

Now, for today’s picture. I finished this painting night before last and I am really happy with it. Feel free to comment, even if it’s to say that you hate abstracts. 😉