We had a cute friend over tonight. I think we all enjoyed a little more testosterone in our house. We have got to get us a boy! Back to the subject at hand…

The kids had fun chasing each other around and screaming. Then we settled in for a little sugar cookie decorating. Hehe, “settled.” Well, it was fun. They ate a lot of frosting, then had a bite of cookie and licked a little more frosting.

After we were done, we had these lovely cookies to-er-throw away and frosting pretty much everywhere. Which lead to a group shower with even more screaming and giggles. (We were a little hesitant as to whether Megan is too old for coed showers, but she didn’t seem to notice any anatomical differences. So, we dodged that bullet for a little while longer. Phew.)

Megan made a “hill of frosting-like snow-that we can sled down” on her cookie. Yum.