I have had a serious case of the winter blahs lately. It always hits me toward the end of February. (When the flowers are starting to pop out in Oregon and I am stuck in Salt Lake with it’s 23 shades of brown and 72 shades of gray.) I love Utah, but let’s be honest…this is not the most appealing time of year here.

…Enough grousing. What can we do? Today I stumbled onto letterboxing, which looks like a great cure for boredom blues. You follow the clues to find a box with a log book and stamp hidden in various locations all over the country. You stamp your own stamp in their book (like a guestbook) and then stamp the location’s stamp in your book. The stamps are usually handmade, so it is a great art-appreciation activity for your family. Often the sites have a historical significance, so it is also a fun and authentic way to get a little bit of history into the mix. This just sounds perfect! It looks like many of the clues are at the end of a hike, so those will have to wait until springier weather; but I am already planning the details for planting my first box and looking forward to heading to Holladay Library for my first stamp. I will post more on making my stamps later. Right now, I am just excited about this fun new activity and wanted to share!