We had our first snow storm (well at least since early November) this week. The girls were so excited to tromp around in the yard. Megan immediately announced that we were going to play Yeti. For the next hour she made “yeti snow angels” and left “yeti droppings” around the yard for us to discover. (Which isn’t as gross as it sounds. She just poked her finger in the snow a few times. In the Backyardigans, the Yeti drops raisins because his hands are hairy and a little bit sweaty.)

It has been super fun to exerience the season with Megan. She just gets so excited about everything. She tells the checker at the grocery store and anyone else who will give her the attention, “My name is Megan. Santa is going to bring me Sleeping Beauty and a prince. Then after Christmas, we are going to the cabin!” She also does daily checks to make sure all of the ornaments on the tree are straight and turns off the lights if any of us have the audacity to turn them on. Appearantly we can’t turn them on until Christmas because they will burn out. She can’t wait to change over the advent calendar or light the advent candle. Her enthusiasm makes the holidays even cheerier. 😉 Love it! Hope you guys are loving it too!