This weekend we did my in-law’s annual trip to Snyder Mill, which is a lodge outside of Park City, Utah. (Yes, that’s right. This is the family with 18 kids under 11.) It was a blast. Megan didn’t sleep at all the first night. However, she did sleep entirely through the night for the next two. (Which are the two that Emily was too stuffy to sleep much…but that is enough complaining. We all know that sleep is the far-off dream of mommies, right? RIGHT?)

Back to Snyder Mill. I found it very interesting to see what the kids found engaging. There was a lot of video game playing. Which is understandable, since it is fun to get to play with friends. The main attraction was the excellent sledding. Basically, you walk a few steps out the door and can head down a couple of good hills. Also popular, were art projects and coloring. Especially when I sat down to work with the kids.

I have noticed taking the time to do the project too is always helpful in encouraging art. Kids learn so much just by observing you (and other kids) work. When I sat down with two of my nieces to do fingerprint art, I set out the materials and then had to go take care of Megan for a minute. They got started, but I could see it was fizzling quickly. They tried a few things, but just weren’t getting into it. I came back and thought I would try a few things to put on the project page and then clean up. However, by the time I had my first two little figures done, the two nieces were hard at work again and we were picking up more artists by the minute. Pretty soon there was a table full of little ones hard at work and excited about what they were producing. Which is at least half of what makes family trips so wonderful. (The other is playing “Apples to Apples” until 2:00am.)