These are fairly quick to put together and the girls have loved them! They look great made with fun foam. (Which you can get for less than a dollar at any craft store.) I’ve listed my directions for the basic hat, but feel free to make it your own. You may want to get out your art box and embellish with sequins, glitter, flowers or whatever works for your child.Leprechaun hat


2 sheets of large green paper (or fun foam)

1 sheet of yellow

1 sheet of black




1. Using one of the sheets of green, make a cylinder around your child’s head. You want it to be fairly tight so that it doesn’t fall over their eyes. Tape the seam while it is still around them to get the exact size right.

2. Cut the height down if you want it shorter (I think it looks cute pretty long, I also cut mine on a slant to make it crooked.)

3. Set the cylinder on the other piece of green paper and trace around the base, then make another ring around the base about 3 inches out. Cut out each of the circles (So you should have a ring shape and a solid circle; these will be the brim and top of the hat.)

pieces of hat4. Now set the the circle on top of the tube and use strips of tape to secure it to the sides on the inside of the hat for paper. If you are using fun foam, you will have enough of a lip to put a ring of glue around the edge of the tube and then set the top on. I used a few strips of tape to hold it in place while the glue dried.)

5. Similarly, you can glue or tape the edge of the brim to the base of the hat. If you are using foam, glue around the inside edge and set the cylinder inside and let dry. If you are using paper, it will be easier to tape it on. by putting a few pieces on underneath the brim that will wrap up the inside of the tube (put them on perpendicularly.) You will also want a few pieces around the outside of the tube that are on parallel. Keep he pieces fairly small and put them on so that 1/2 is on the tube and 1/2 is on the brim.

6. Now add a black band and cut out a yellow square for the buckle. Embellish with anything else you want. I think I also used my potato stamp to add a jaunty shamrock with some wire.